Webinar Recordings /// Why subsidy-free solar is easy: a discussion on the new reality

The paradigm of large-scale solar is in the midst of radical changes due to the advent of solar market parity, or in other words, the rise of unsubsidized solar projects. Join this interactive webinar to learn more about how the development of solar is progressively becoming easier, from a wide variety of angles.

Among many topics, we will cover:

  • Interest of different countries in renewable energies

  • Money from investment funds

  • Interest of investors

  • Consciousness of a clean world

  • Technical, legal and commercial knowledge of companies

  • Collaborations of the different stakeholders

  • Improvement in qualities and prices

  • More legal security

  • No need for subsidy

  • Normative

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Webinar Recordings /// Solar cannibalization in Spain and other market parity countries

With the advent of market parity projects in Spain and other southern European countries, the impact of the so-called "cannibalization effect" starts taking a bigger role as more renewables are added into the system. Multiple studies have shown that an increased renewable penetration tends to decrease wholesale power prices. In some cases, such as in Germany, these prices have even dropped below zero. What to make of this?

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Webinar Recordings /// Market & Grid Parity in Italy

Italy saw around 400MW of subsidy-free new solar PV plant installation in both 2016 and 2017. Even when leaving out the eventual auctions & tenders, there are already bountiful  opportunities for commercial and utility scale solar PV plant development in Italy.


Webinar Recordings /// Solar Market Parity in Europe: Challenges & Opportunities

Solar Market Parity is on the horizon for several European markets such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and others. In theory, the case for going solar is simple: if solar can survive without subsidies, then it is ready for large-scale adoption. However, theory never fits into practice.